Inver Xtra advance fuels rollout program

Client: Inver Extra

Since 2012, being a part of these mechanisms, we are proud to provide service of branding for Inver stations.

Inver Xtra advance fuels rollout program in February 2020 allowed Prestige Signs to thrive during some uncertain times. Our responsibility was to manufacture and install signage and branding across their entire network of sites (currently around 65) within a four-week period ahead of their product launch. The advanced fuel technology rollout will be provided now as Inver standard fuel, strengthening the culture of excellence. Inherent characteristics of Inver business are quality and traceability. The customers and stakeholders are provided with detailed, exact, and absolutely transparent information about the new formula of Inver fuel, with emphasis on the purpose of new products with the focus on sustainability.¬† For the Irish and European market, it is a purposeful guide of ideas of quality and business excellence. In today’s fast-paced world, forward-thinking organisations are flexible and responsive to changes in the requirements and expectations of all stakeholders, which occur frequently and quickly. A premium organisation assesses and knows how to anticipate the needs and expectations of their customers in its activities, monitoring their opinions and experiences. Like Inver Prestige Signs collects information about existing and future customers and uses it to establish, implement and revise policies, strategies, goals, objectives, indicators and plans for the short, medium and long term. We are proud to provide branding service for Inver Since 2012.

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Prestige signs work together with Inver carrying out site surveys and developing solutions for bespoke signage on specific sites. The core features of our successful processes are ensuring a clearly structured vision and well-thought-out philosophy plan for every project, defining the scope, identification of optimal strategy, prioritising quality processes, optimising creativity seeking optimal cost management and improving technology and corporate culture aimed at increasing employees activity.

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