Certas Branding (DCC Ireland): Outstanding Partnership

Client: DCC Ireland

Working with the Certas team and fulfilling complex site management was really rewarding experience for us.

Prestige Signs had the pleasure of working together with Certa (DCC Ireland) a relatively new petroleum company operating in Ireland branding 34 sites nationwide in 12 weeks including 22 Tesco sites and 12 Great Gas sites. Prestige Signs took control over the whole implementation stretching through from design of each site right through to manufacture of the signage in conjunction with Certas management team. DCC plc is an Irish international sales, marketing and support group and is organised and managed by four separate divisions, each focused on specific market sectors. DCC Ireland is listed on the London Stock Exchange and the FTSE 100.  Working with the Certas team, fulfilling complex site management was a really rewarding experience for Prestige Signs. Certas and DCC Ireland is a true leader, with excellent personal service and a great range of energy products and services, combining innovation with safety and compliance principles we executed each site with optimal results. As a leading innovative company in Ireland and Europe they build their success of branding programs for Certas with a determined and synergetic effort with suppliers combining joint efforts of highly professional and dedicated people bringing the projects to fruition with excellence in mind. Excellent business processes during each project implementation allowed us to borrow some best practices for our own business both in management and in safety procedures. We had a unique opportunity to see knowledge translation in practice, feeling ourselves among the flagships of world business innovators in this market space.

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     All existing signage replaced


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Business innovations are actively conquering the world market. Those who do not think innovation can be destined to lose ultimately. For all successful enterprises the essence of success  is hooking the customer or client. Thanks to cooperation with Certas, we understood what it means not to follow demand, but to create demand. We are proud to work with this dynamic, passionate and committed partner and hope for further fruitful and mutually enriching experiences.

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