19th Aug 19

Prestige Signs mark a long standing relationship with Valero

Irish Prestige Signs Ltd (IPS) has had the privilege of working with Valero (Texaco Ireland) since 2012. They have successfully rebranded over 140 sites with the new style livery and feel the Texaco brand really packs a punch in the market place with its high-quality finish. Although the schedule for works to be completed was predominantly the responsibility of the Valero personnel, IPS was still faced with the logistics of manufacturing product and ensuring they could maintain a certain level of stock, to cover the customers’ needs at any given time. All sites were surveyed prior to works being carried out and discussions with retailer/dealer, Texaco HQ personnel and IPS was and are constantly ongoing. Understanding what your customer wants and the diversities around any situation is only achieved when the lines of communication are kept open. Everyone has a need and a point of view and by discussion, these can generally all be taken into account and represented.


IPS’ success at branding programmes is largely the result of the efforts of a very dedicated and experienced team. Along with the established management team who are constantly re-investing in the business, there is a wealth of knowledge throughout the workforce in IPS and this is borne out by the fact that the company has branded over 1,000 forecourts in the last 10 years..


Working with the Valero team has proven to be a very rewarding experience for IPS. They have learned a great deal about the methods of working which are in place for suppliers. The whole process has helped IPS to introduce new procedures within their own business; health and safety being a key area of strength for them as well as ‘real time’ reporting from their field workers.

IPS is proud to work with such a professional team of people at Valero, on a highly prestigious brand and are pleased to have been responsible for the branding of their latest flagship sites at Supermac’s, Kinnegad and Parkway Service Station, Limerick.

As IPS is about to mark their 50th anniversary, it is worth noting their sustainability and endurance in a market which changes so quickly, showing the strength of the team and the product they produce.

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