12th Nov 19

50 years of excellence in the retail and forecourt industry

As Irish Prestige Signs Ltd prepares to celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2020, group Managing Director Paddy Waldron reviews the last decade and previews what lies ahead for the company.

A director of IPS since 1988, Paddy became Managing Director in 2000. His vision was to provide clients with professional, streamlined solutions. Re-evaluating the company offering, a decision was reached to limit the number of customers.

“This has enabled us to retain our core values of providing a reliable, cost-effective service to our key customers. We pride ourselves on satisfied customers and have a long history of repeat clients who have

benefited from our expertise in brand implementation.” IPS works closely with their clients to value engineer products. While the goal is always visually appealing signs, IPS focuses on providing innovative, efficient

designs that are also cost-effective to manufacture, maintain and repair.  The past decade has been particularly busy for the group. During that time, IPS oversaw the largest signage rebranding programme ever attempted within Ireland.

Beyond that, “we’ve purchased two additional amenities companies which enabled us to widen the services we were able to provide to our existing customer base. We’ve also embarked on several rollout programmes across varied sectors of our industry – motor, retail and petroleum,” explains Paddy.


“We want to give our customers a brand and concept that they can be proud of and we want to achieve this with the minimum amount of disruption to our client’s business. All of this would be impossible to achieve without our experienced and enthusiastic workforce.”


Employing 50 people, the people behind ADVERTORIAL the company are what makes IPS stand out within the industry and IPS would not be the success it is today without its loyal, dedicated staff. Looking ahead, Paddy thinks that rising insurance costs will continue to be one of the biggest challenges faced by Irish companies. “The increasing costs of accident and insurance pay-outs is in the news daily. By incorporating best practices into our operations, we are seeking to tackle these challenges. At IPS we are continually raising the bar regarding health and safety within our industry. The health and safety of our employees, our client’s employees and the general public is our number one priority.”

“Our policy is that no job is so important that we cannot pause to do it safely,” says Paddy. After a hectic but rewarding few years, Paddy insists that IPS will not be resting on their laurels. “Fuel and retailing are exciting — and continually changing — industries, so there is always something new coming down the line.”

Whatever the future holds, Irish Prestige Signs’ long-standing relationship with so many high profile corporate clients is a reassuring sign that their model of competitively-priced, high-quality signage, and a dedication to customer satisfaction, proving effective.

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